All authors of accepted abstracts (either oral or poster) presented at the conference are eligible to submit a full-text paper (one per registered participant) for the conference proceedings to be published in SN Applied Sciences (SNAS), a peer-reviewed, a hybrid journal from Springer Nature Publishing (Switzerland). For more information please access:

All accepted papers to be published in 2020 will be permanently accessible for free under the subscription model for ICSM2020 as proceedings of the conference as a TC. This is not as such open access (since the copyrights of the paper are retained by Springer Nature) however, the papers can be accessed freely.

All new submissions for the topical collection are screened by the journal’s editorial office for completeness and adherence to the instructions for authors and ethical standards for publication. Each article will be reviewed by at least 2 independent reviewers. Additional reviewers may be assigned if deemed necessary. The geographical location of the reviewers and authors will be considered. International diversification will also be considered when sending out manuscripts for peer-review.

The final decision as to whether an article is accepted or rejected is always down to the SN Applied Sciences Managing Editor in coordination with the assigned Guest Editors for the TC.

Editorial Board for topical collection (TC) on superconductivity, magnetism, and cryogenics:

Guest Editors for TC

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali AKSAN

Prof. Dr. Iman ASKERZADE

Prof. Dr. Hakan KOCKAR

Prof. Dr. Ozhan OZATAY

Prof. Dr. Ali BOZBEY

Dr. H. Gokhan BAKIR

Privileges for publication in SNAS Topical Collection (TC)

  1. There are no Page Length Requirements, color printings are not charged.
  2. A paper can be submitted for each presentation made at the conference subject to a certificate endorsed by the editorial board and/or conference organizes.
  3. Papers can only be submitted online using the SNAS, paper submission system online at the Web-Site.
  4. Full-Text Submissions to SNAS will begin after 15 March 2021, submission deadline is 31 August 2021.

Regarding the  submission instructions, ICSM Delegates should follow how to submit full-text papers online through

  1. Log in with your username (email address) and password. (Register if necessary – after registering you should receive an email – if not please check your SPAM folder)
  2. Select “My Account” and click the “Full Paper status” tab.
  3. Click “Submit Full Paper”. The paper submission page will appear.
  4. Enter the full paper title and the section (conference session in the program) in which the work is being presented from the drop-down menu.  Note that we will have only one Topical Collection for the entire conference as a special issue for the proceedings. You will be notified of your conference session by email in regards to the abstracts notification by 15 January 2020. Note some topics may have been included in more than one session. Enter the required author and co-author information.
  5. Please upload your paper as a PDF file.
  6. Note the journal operates with the publishing specific conditions, under which authors do not retain the copyright of their papers, copyrights are transferred to SNAS. Any author who wishes to publish in SNAS as The ICSM2020 Conference Proceedings must agree to the terms by submitting a paper for publication it is assumed all authors of the paper agree, in full, to the terms of mentioned. General Instructions for authors and details of the terms are available on the journal’s website:; Unless authors choose to publish OA. We have compact deals in place for corresponding authors of certain countries (for example UK, Germany…) which means that their country/institution has already paid for OA publishing and the author will not need to pay.
  7. Please remember to click “Submit” to finally submit your paper. You should receive a confirmation email for the successful submission procedure – if not please check your SPAM folder.

As organizes and the editorial board for TC as a special issue for the conference, you may read further comments from us below:

Please note that SNAS is a new journal with the joint of two prestigious publishers, SPRINGER and NATURE. SNAS is a growing journal that promises to fulfill the necessities of both young and eminent scientists.

With the advancing information technology and the use of the internet with Google and other search engines, the actual impact and dissemination of research are NOT ALWAYS truly dependent on the journal chosen for publication. On the other hand, the real impact of any publication is linked, eventually, to the quality of the paper, but not necessarily of the journal whether or not cited in any of the citation indexes. As organizers and the editorial board, the TC for the proceedings of the ICSM2020 conference would be one of the very high impacts on the scientific community on superconductivity, magnetism, and cryogenics.  We note that impact factor is not all that matters, so you may have a look at the DORA declaration at In summary, there is no obligation to submit the full-text papers to the special issue, though, we would like to encourage all the delegates to contribute to the great success of the conference.

Important Notice:

There would be some editors of some journals contacting the authors/delegates for a special issue in their journal, this does not imply any responsibility to the organizers. If a paper has been submitted to SNAS, and agreed in terms with the copyright and all other conditions, the author/delegate should not duplicate any other submission to any other journal, under any circumstance.


This new journal is a primary research journal from the publisher Springer Nature, covering Earth and Environmental Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering. It will be published as a hybrid journal that also embraces open access. SN Applied Sciences will publish a high volume, quality, scientifically valid, original research papers. With the support of external Editorial Board Members, papers are rapidly peer-reviewed to ensure they are technically sound.

Manuscript preparation, submission, and selection guidelines will be announced during the conference dates.

Please note that there will a special occasion to meet the Editors” session, and there would be an office for arranging appointments with the editors of some major publishers in addition to some editorial members of SNAS, including the Journal of Novel Magnetism and Superconductivity. For those deemed to make publications in SCI Journals,  as organizers secretariat can help you with private appointments during office hours of the conference. The following are the previous proceedings of ICSM conferences.



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