Each registered participant will be able to submit one original paper presented at ICSM2018 for selected publication in a Special Issue of the Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism. Only the accepted and selected papers will be published after peer-review process.

Paper Selection and classification would first be carried out. The papers with a special focus on fundamental science, and materials properties are to be classified in one group. The papers with a special focus on purely engineering and application features with solid background are to be classified into another group. The special issue consisting of high quality papers will be published in JOSC, while papers with more focus on applied sciences will be considered for publication in the same publisher with Springer Nature Journal on Applied Sciences.

This new journal is a primary research journal from the publisher Springer Nature, covering Earth and Environmental Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering. It will be published as a hybrid journal which also embraces open access. SN Applied Sciences will publish high volume, quality, scientifically valid, original research papers. With the support of external Editorial Board Members, papers are rapidly peer reviewed to ensure they are technically sound.

Manuscript preparation, submission and selection guidelines will be announced during the conference dates.

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