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Confirmed Sessions

Ab Initio Magnetism
Advances In Thin Films, Multi-Layers and Patterned Nanostructures
Artificial Pinning in Superconductors
Broken Time Reversal Symmetry in Superconductors
Bulk Superconductors
Carbon-based and Organic Superconductors
Cryogenics Materials, Engineering and Applications
Ferrites and Rare Earth Magnetic Materials
Frustrated Magnetism and Spin Systems
Functional Oxide Thin Films
Fundamental Technologies of Superconductors for Large Scale Applications
Heavy Fermion Superconductivity
HTS Cuprates
HTS Superconducting Thin Films, Proximity Effects, and Interface Superconductivity
HTS Wires, Tapes, and Coated Conductors
Impurities and Defects: Their Role in Understanding Unconventional Superconductivity
Iron-based Superconductors: Current Developments in the Studies of Fundamental Properties
Iron-based Superconductors: Properties of Materials in Crystal and Film Forms
Iron-based Superconductors: Properties Related to Applications
Josephson Junctions and SQUIDs
Laser Processing of Superconducting and Magnetic Materials
Low Dimensional Magnetism
Low Temperature Superconductors
Magnetic Materials Processing and Physical Properties
Magnetic Recording, Sensors and Microwave Devices
Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys and Applications
Magnetic Shielding and Cloaking in Superconductors
Magnetism and Spin Effects in Graphenes and other Atomically-thin materials
Magnetism in biological and bioinspired materials at the nanoscale
Magnetism of Nanoparticles, Nanowires and Nanostructures
Magnetization Dynamics and Resonance
Magnetocaloric Effect
Large Scale Applications of Superconductors and their fundamental technologies
MgB2: Applications
MgB2: Materials and Mechanisms
Modelling and Measurements of AC loss in Superconducting Power Devices
Motor and Generators
Mott states and Mott transitions
Multicomponent/multiband/multigap superconductivity
Multiferroics and Magnetic Oxides
Nano-structured Soft and Hard Magnetic Materials
Nanoscale Superconductivity
New Phenomena and Applications in Molecular Magnets
Non-equilibrium Superconductivity
Novel Functional Magnetic Materials: Basic Approach and Applications
Special Session: In Honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Vitaly Ginzburg
Spin Mechanics
Spintronics – Devices and Applications
Spintronics – Other Aspects
Spintronics – Semiconductors, Oxide Interfaces, Graphene and Topological Insulators
Spintronics – Spin Hall Effect, Spin Caloritronics and Other Spin-Transport Effects
Spintronics – Spin Transfer Torque
Spintronics of magnetic semimetals, semiconductors, and topological insulators
Strongly Correlated Electrons/Systems
Superconducting Circuits and Systems
Superconducting Magnets for the 100 TeV Hadron Future Circular Collider
Superconductivity and Magnetism Studies with Innovative Instrumentation for Extreme Conditions
Superconductivity at Nanoscale
Superconductor – Insulator Transition
Superconductor Fault Current Limiters: Principles and Practice
The Coexistence of Superconductivity and Magnetism
The Superconductors Under Extreme: The Hydrates Under Pressure
Theory of Magnetism
Theory of Superconductivity
Topological Insulators and superconductors
Transition Metal Oxides: Promising Candidates for Multifunctional Applications
Vortices and Nano-Structured Superconductors